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[桜] 第二 (by 榨菜蛋花湯)


A Song of Ice and Fire Fancasting Meme  |  [1/5] Canon Historical Figures

Lord Orys Baratheon

Orys was the rumored bastard half-brother of Aegon I Targaryen. He was one of Aegon’s fiercest commanders and was regarded as Aegon’s only true friend..

During the War of Conquest Orys and Rhaenys Targaryen were tasked with taking Storm’s End. Orys slew Argilac Durrandon, , the last Storm King. After the battle, Argella Durrandon, declared herself the Storm Queen and held Storm’s End until her household turned against herl. They delivered her to Orys, naked and chained. Orys, however, covered her with his cloak and treated her chivalrously.

Aegon rewarded Orys with Storm’s End. Orys took Argella as his wife and adopted the stag banner, honors and words of the Durrandons, Ours is the Fury, forming House Baratheon.

Richard Armitage as Orys Baratheon

Lucy Griffiths as Argella Durrandon

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A quite charming, live-action German language little mermaid movie was brought to my attention called “Die kleine Meerjungfrau” (The Little Mermaid) based off of the original Andersen fairytale. Zoe Moore stars as Undie, the titular character of this reimagined classic, with pretty underwater (!) scenes!